Monday, October 25, 2010

Exotics and Luxury

I wanted to throw together a special post that will hopefully bring in my 100th follower ;). Thanks to everyone supping and checking out the blog I'm really enjoying all yours as well.  These are all exotics and luxury cars. Chances are these guys are spending a ton of money on car insurance and may want find a good lawyer so they don't have to file chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy. Hopefully they didn't max out their credit card or take out any loans.


Thanks for stayin true while I was away. Checked out everyones blogs this morning, good posts! Here are some cars where they shouldn't be, taking flight and traveling to luxurious places. Hopefully they have these things insured because they might break something. Also if your car is capable of this be careful because you could get a ticket and have to get a lawyer or attorney and pay a lot of money causing you to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy!!;) Be safe, and take it easy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Out of town

I have been and will be out of town until Monday. I appologize for the lack of updates and support but I'll be back in full force tomorrow. Thanks for following and suppin it's not going unnoticed. Have a great day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

CHP Operation Safe Canyon

The videos were taken on Mulholland Dr in Hollywood. The CHP is trying to cut down on the wreckless and inexperienced drivers that have been causing head on accidents. While the head on accidents are far from funny, some lulz have definitely ensued. Check out the vids.

Blog of the day is Because I can: Pretty cool random blog. It's got Art/Pics/Funny Vids. Thanks again for helping me out with the Youtube embedding.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Quick thank you before work.

Just wanted to thank everyone who's supporting !Cars, Cars, Cars!, enjoying the posts, and helping the blog grow. 
I thought I'd share a couple blogs I found that I'm really enjoying. There are a ton of great blogs I'm following so I'll try and share them often, I got love for you all! Share some blogs you enjoy and help get the word out on all great blogs!

Ad plus+ Communications : great blog that follows a lot of interesting marketing in mass media you view daily. A blog about ad research and development.

Enhance by MSpaint: a lot of neat MSpaint techniques as well as useful legal advice. Specializing in bubblin techniques. Whats that? The bubble and circle edits cover clothing (such as bikinis, swimwear, tops, necklaces, shirts, shoes, jeans, heels, watches, earrings, sunglasses, etc) to give the perception that the individual has no clothing.

GTL everyday: Really cool blog for men that strive to look their best. From suits to shaving, this blog has it all.

Watch My Russian Tortoise Grow. : If you need an explanation for this one, you need help. Quality blog with some funny pictures. 

Canabis News 420: For all you need to know on MJ politics. Videos, Music, debate, and heaps of other information. Definitely a front runner in the MJ news scene.


OK, I'm posting more vans because that one got a higher response than anything I've posted so far. I understand the confusion so I'll give you a little back story. In Japanland vans are a pretty big deal. They have been highly modifying (engine swaps, suspension, lightweight wheels) vans for some time now. It's a legitimate scene and they even have a racing league. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Japanese Domestic Market

It's that time, JDM fever from Vintage to Vans, this post is full of JDM flavaaa.

How to get a speeding ticket reduced...

without an attorney!!! This is a long read but it will save you money and keep you from filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy or somethin. I'm in California so the courts may vary where you're at, but it should be relatively the same.

1. Be courteous to the officer even if you don't agree with the ticket. They take notes after the stop so if you decide to go to court, you don't want him to have bad stuff to say. Also, if you decide to go to court and he wrote down good stuff, he may decide not to even show up. In that case you automatically win.

2. Go onto the cities court website and look to file an extension for the date written on your ticket. I filed a 45 day extension followed by a 30 day extension, however, this may vary where you live. This works for a couple reasons. A.) It gives you more time to accrue some money and B.) It fucks with the officers schedule. They usually schedule their holiday/vacation schedule ahead of time so your chance of landing on his kids birthday or something increases.

3. After your extensions run out it's usually time to face the music and go to court. Depending where you're at, it may be an arraignment first (pled guilty/not guilty/ ask for traffic school). That was the case for me, all I had to do was go up, plead guilty, and bam I got my ticket reduced $160 dollars. I knew I was guilty and that my ticket wasn't going to get dismissed, so I was really just after a reduction. If you feel you aren't guilty you would plead not guilty, receive an actual hearing date, then want to go home and prepare a defense. A lot of stuff isn't going to get thrown out because it's your word vs. the officer, but if you know you aren't guilty and can prove it, then by all means take him to trial. The best part is if you change the trial date (up to 4 days notice) it's more likely he won't show a.k.a. Automatic Win.

4. I've found the easiest way to not get a speeding ticket is to not speed. It usually works pretty well ;)

Now a couple speed machines!!!
                                              Love this girl vvvv

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Some of the stuff you guys requested. Keep following, I'll keep delivering.

Off to work..

Will post a bunch of cool stuff upon my arrival. Any requests? (race cars, american, european, JDM, bikes, trucks, ???) Let me know and I'll post a good one when I get home.

Chicks with Whips

It doesn't get much better than hot cars and hot women.

Request: Hyundai & Kia

Someone requested some Hyundai's and Kia's so I decided I'd deliver. Feel free to make a request of your own and I'll do my best to dig up some shots!